Schedule of Activities

The construction of the “Haiti Children’s Home”: would be within the guidelines of the periods of implementation and realization of the projects of the Plan of Action for the recovery and development of Haiti that are designed for the next 2 decades. Before the Haitian government, the project was presented to the Internal Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) who is the regulatory body of all the works that are being carried out in the country.

First stage (October 2010-December 2011): The land was managed, achieving agreement with the Christian television Enlace TBN, delivering 20 hectares Williansom, Haiti. Here a mega project which includes a hospital, a school, the reconstruction of a hotel and home for children will be built. They continue to negotiate the initial construction materials of the home; including transportation of materials to the country to begin construction and erection of the building.

Second stage (1st quarter 2012):crew travel to Haiti to start home construction and commissioning of the work.

Third stage (4th quarter 2012): Set initiation of sub-projects and tasks start ventures.

Fourth stage (1st quarter 2013): Opening of “Home Children Haiti” with the addition of children to the establishment and implementation of education plans.

Fifth stage (2014): Measurement of quality of life indicators in the population in the “Haiti Children’s Home.” Two years into the project is considered to have achieved the objectives of adequate productivity for self sustenance.

Sixth stage (2014-2024): continued the work and achievement of the other objectives projected for the first 10 years of the project, it is expected that at this point many of the children have begun a process of integration into society in a positive way, generating ventures and / or continuing their education.

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