Our Vision

Following the earthquake, the Haitian government said the international community’s National Action Plan for the recovery and development of Haiti where different strategies and approaches of government are set to convert all the needs that quake in an opportunity for restructuring the country, as well as expressed at the time the head of state: René Preval and from where we can conclude that the restructuring of all sectors of Haiti will be achieved through the mobilization of efforts, resources and international support.

The problems to be solved require new ways of doing things and a new way of cooperation. Taking responsibility between Haiti and the international community will allow the restructuring of the country and the implementation ofnational strategies for growth and poverty reduction, and raised since 2007.

Rebuilding Haiti is no return to the situation that prevailed on the eve of the earthquake. It is active in all these vulnerabilities to the vagaries of nature or natural cataclysms no never again inflict such suffering more, and do not return to cause so much damage and loss.

That is why within the framework of the National Action Plan for Recovery and Development of Haiti consider justifiable launch a project of this nature, as it is “Home Children Haiti” which are going to be involved some of the areas that have been prioritized for intervention.

  • Education and health: children’s education is guaranteed in the techniques of animal husbandry and agriculture in the context of sustainable development.
  • Accommodation and construction: an orphanage totally adapted to the territorial and inclement weather to house 106 children in total 1000 m2 will be built.
  • Social protection and reducing vulnerability: Provide protection to a sector of children ages pres-school and school who came in orphanhood.
  • Food security for children: providing the most complete range of nutrients to the children through the various products of the sub-projects, and to conduct a nutritional assessment and monitoring, ensuring the correction and prevention of malnutrition and / or malnutrition .
  • Industry and Trade: Educate and empower children so that in future they can work at home and provide the opportunity to gain expertise in the sub-production projects that are contemplated within the activities of “Home Children Haiti.”
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