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esalcu About Us

ESALCU has been created with the objective of being close to the needy and succor.

We focus on socially marginalized; most of them victims of issues affecting our nation dramatic way: drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, crime, homelessness and homeless, among others.

Drug use is one of the problems that affect our country, and is the result of a family problem and not the cause of it, as is generally believed.

In families with absent father figures, disrupted marriages and / or overprotective parents; can be seen in children, how the lack of boundaries, love, support and guidance, leads them to believe that drugs and other vices are the solution to their problems, clinging to them as an escape from the reality they live.

We have committed to work giving attention to the homeless in order to improve their quality of life and provide better prospects, and at the same time making society aware of the reality that we live today to do something about it.

To this end, our Civil Partnership established with legal personality No. 8467 issued by the MEC on October 11, 2000.


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